My view on university ranking

In their points, the list is really ridiculous and harmful. Their main motive is to relate the stories back to Bridgewater students. Many scholars visited and instructed there, including the American educationist Paul MonroeW. Football[ edit ] The Bridgewater State football team has been one of the most successful athletic teams at the school since the program was started in The NCUR National Conference for Undergraduate Research program is one travel option, with expenses covered, that has given many students the chance to share and view work with other students from all over the world.

But others maintain that university ranking also leads to some undesirable consequences such as academic fraud even to deceive people.

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With an overall coaching record ofMazzaferro is the 57th winningest coach in NCAA College Football history, and he is regarded as a coaching legend in the New England region and is further regarded as one of the greatest Division III college football coaches of all-time.

Also, supporters of university ranking maintain that it can act as a guide for employers when they decide where to find right employees.

In during the Former Song dynastythe Imperial Central University Zongmingguan became a comprehensive institution combining higher education and research, with five divisions: On the one hand, it must be admitted that ranking is an effective means to encourage universities or colleges to compete with each other and improve their work.

Some hold the positive view. They make up 66 percent of the BSU population. It is the only location on campus where alcoholic beverages are allowed. It integrated teaching and research, with status of university's independence and academic freedom, and was regarded as the earliest Chinese modern university.

The Bears football team finished the season with a overall record and finished in 2nd place in the New England Football Conference standings. A regular honors course is three credits, and the honors colloquia are worth one credit but only meet once a week for fifty minutes.

A full-time student has 12 or more credits and a part-time student has 11 or less credits. This building is often referred to as "DMF" by students. Yet is there any objective consensus over whether university X is better than university Y.

Some believe that these lists help the students a lot, especially for those who will choose their university. The honors students receive numerous perks, such as their own section in the academic achievement center. The Bears basketball team has been one of the mosdt successful teams at Bridgewater in the last 30 years.

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They have been one of the most dominant woman's lacrosse teams in the Northeast Region and have won dozens of championships and qualified for numerous NCAA Tournaments.

Kelly GymnasiumTemplate: Soon the educational system was changed. It is located behind the Great Hill Student Apartments and Swenson Field, and is the new home of the college's athletic programs.

Crimson is one of three dorms with full climate control and the only dorm that contains a dining facility. The Comment focuses on upcoming events rather than reviews to catch hold of the reader's interest. They have been a regional power since their first season in Boys on one side, girls on the other.

Then many departments became schools, e. Construction of the Welcome Center was completed in the Spring of Through SGA, the student body can express their academic and social wants and needs. The Wallace Anderson Gallery on the ground floor of the center was made possible by the class of This facility houses the Campus Police Headquarters and the offices of carpenters, custodial services, electricians, mechanics, groundskeepers, a locksmith, painters, plumbers, recycling, and transportation.

Furthermore, some universities overemphasize the result of ranking and waste large amounts of resources. BSU recently renovated the Swanson football field and resurfaced the track. A dance studio has been added to Burnell Hall. They claim that ranking universities can help high school graduates or their parents to make a sound choice when enrolling in a university or college.

In my view, the university ranking may have its own reference values, but its disadvantages overweigh its values. On one hand, University ranking does encourage the development and growth of colleges. Rate My Professors is the best college professor reviews and ratings source based on student feedback.

Over million professors & 19 million reviews.

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My view on university ranking
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